Learn THE Essential Leadership Skill

without sitting in another boring classroom or losing valuable work time



If the thought of spending days in a training session (while work and email backs up), makes you want to slump over … we understand.

If you’ve had the experience of returning to work, getting sucked back into the whirlwind of urgent meetings, unanswered email, & fires to put out before you can even THINK about using anything you learned… well, we understand that, too.

And typically, the dust collector training manual goes on the shelf and your good intentions are forgotten.  That precious time, those days in the classroom are wasted because now you are behind in everything.  Sound familiar?   We have a better idea.

A Better Way

Something Better!

What if you could learn and APPLY leadership skills without traditional training, without ever sitting in a classroom?

What if you could take in the lessons in small bites and instantly use what you learn – getting immediate benefit?

And, what if you could do this WHEN you wanted to; that is, at a time most convenient with your schedule and your commitments?

That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?

We thought so.   That’s why created a web-based, go-at-your-own pace, time & cost effective program on THE essential leadership skill.


What Is THE Essential Leadership Skill?

Coaching — a specific skill set that every leader needs to know how to use in order to bring out the best in their people.

Presenting… Leader As Coach!

We (Michelle Goss & L.A. Reding) have trained 1000’s of leaders, small business owners, & entrepreneurs to use coaching skills in their everyday work and life.

Coaching skills are transferable and can be used at home, at work, in schools, at the gym…really, everywhere with everyone.  It is the single most important skill set for interacting with others.

Mastering the art of professional coaching takes years of study and practice – that’s what certified coaches must do.  However, it does NOT take years to learn to effectively apply the key coaching skills.  You just have to know what they are, how to use them and in what context.  We teach you all of that.


Here’s What You Get from the “Leader As Coach” course:

We have distilled down the key coaching skills that will make you a more effective leader in bringing out the best in yourself and in others.  Who doesn’t want that?  As a participant, here’s what you get:


 Low Time Suck, High Usability.  We are all about taking great theory and grounding it in reality.  We have put every piece of content through the “So what?” test to ensure its value and usability.  Your time, and ours, is too precious to waste on fluff.


 Thorough & Doable.  The 5-module, self-paced, web-based training that is in easy to assimilate and apply right away.  Each module contains several videos ranging from 4 -30 minutes.   Very doable.


 Interactive.  Active online dialogue with other students (expand your network!) and the facilitators.


 Responsive.  Answers to your questions about how to apply the skills to your unique situation (whether you are a manager, entrepreneur, teacher, sales professional, attorney, physician….whatever your profession.)


 Portable.  All of the training modules can be watched online or downloaded to your computer, iPad, or mp3 player.  Listen and learn while you workout, while you drive, or on the airplane.  You decide when and how you want to engage the material.


 Flexible.  Each Monday during the course you will receive an email link to that week’s online content.  You will have the entire week to listen and apply what you have learn.  OR, because the content is portable, you can download and save the lessons for future reference and do-overs.  So, even if you take a vacation during the course, you can quickly and easily catch up in a stress-free way.


Take a Tour of Leader As Coach with Michelle


YouTube Preview Image


How Much Does It Cost?

We’re not trying to be coy when we say, “That depends.”  Really, it does depend on many factors.  We have licensing agreements for resellers, licensing agreements for organizations, and we offer a public course, as well.  To give you a reference point, many online, modular training courses of this caliber cost upwards of $2,000.  The public course offering for Leader As Coach is only $475!   We negotiate even better rates for organizations who want to send a group pf 10 or more leaders through the program.


What People Say About Working with Us

I have been very privileged to use the services of Michelle Goss and L.A. Reding in my organization. They are brilliant, fun, easy to work with and really deliver. Participants consistently rank them with the highest possible ratings and comment on how much they enjoy having Michelle and L.A. work with them. I am continually struck by the way these two talented leaders make every minute count. There is no down or wasted time. Everything becomes an opportunity to deepen learning while keeping participants fully engaged. Michelle and L.A. have worked with us for three + years and I will find opportunities to keep them engaged with us in the future. You can trust them and count on them to:

  • deliver exactly what they promise and then some,
  • take their work seriously while taking themselves lightly,
  • be very well prepared and unflappable,
  • make you look good for having the wisdom to hire them.

— Susan Clark, Leadership Development, Fairview Health Services

Michelle and L.A. helped transform our management team of 25 into a high performing team. The techniques and skills they taught us are still utilized within our organization, 16 months after the program. This training created a more cohesive and higher energy level team at MidMichigan Medical Center Gladwin. I am very confident these skills will be utilized for years to come at our hospital.

— Mark E. Bush, CFO, COO at  MidMichigan Medical Center, Gladwin

LA and Michelle have a deep commitment to understand their client’s needs and deliver just what is needed, in the manner it is needed, for exactly the intended results. There are no pretences and no surprises. Their passion for helping organizations unleash the human potential and cultivate leadership, coupled with their unwavering values of authenticity and integrity, make them unique in the marketplace and a delight to work with. It truly is all about artful leadership.

— Susan Jeska, Director, the Learning Center, Park Nicollet

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